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Model NO: TK119-W

Need to track the vehicles in you’ve financed? Meet the TK119-W 3G Car Tracker. Stay in control of your vehicles with key features like remote ignition disabling, backup batteries, tow alerts, tamper alerts and more making this device a game changer for subprime auto financing. With the TK119-W 3G, lenders have the ability to prevent the vehicle from starting in the event of late payments or loan defaults. Stay ahead of delinquency with a powerful vehicle tracking and disabling device (1) that doubles as a collection tool. Make repossessing your property that much easier with TK119-W 3G.

Key Features

  •   Locate assets anytime 24/7
  •   Automate asset recovery with GPS monitoring
  •   Increase on-time payments with starter disable
  •   Decrease defaults and repossessions
  •   Decrease financing risk


Improve fleet management with The TK119-W 3G. Packed with premium features like Spireon FleetLocate, this car disabling device helps you track your fleet in real-time to increase control and decrease loss prevention. Increase your bottom line at half the cost of other devices. With no long contracts and hidden fees, TK119-W 3G is the best low cost GPS tracker with engine shut off on the market.


Need better recovery methods? Locate your vehicles in real-time and start the collection process as soon as accounts hit delinquency with the TK119-W 3G. An excellent GPS tracking device for car dealers (2), this tracking device takes all the investigative work out of recovery. Simply use GPS to locate and repossess your vehicle.


For more personal matters, the TK119-W 3G lets you see the exact location of your teen driver at any given tie. Get a comprehensive “bird’s eye view” of their driving patterns, speeding tendencies and frequent whereabouts. Prevent the ca from starting as an effective grounding tool or use the Viper Smart Start System to gain full control of the vehicle from anywhere using your smart phone.


  •   Small Asset Recovery
  •   Motor bikes, boats and other heavy machinery

The TK119-W built-in asset tracking gives you the ability to constantly monitor and manage crucial aspects of your assets like protection, safety, costs and efficiency. Gain real-time monitoring with these GPS starter interrupt devices (5) to reduce theft and overall expenses. Simply log in to your computer or mobile device and track all your vehicles instantly 365 days a year.


Our devices operate on the largest next-generation WCDMA network in the country to provide superior coverage for our customers. Ensure that your assets are protected no matter where you go.

Paired with GPS technology and high-speed WCDMA networking, auto lenders are able to disable cars in seconds with the click of a button. In the event of a repossession, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle for rapid and easy recovery.


Geo Fence

Geo Fence

Set up a virtual border in seconds to get instant text or message notifications when your vehicle enters or exists the restricted border.

Speeding alerts

Speeding alerts

Define speeding limits for everyone of your vehicles! Once the tracker determines the vehicle has gone over your set speed limit, you’ll instantly receive text alerts. Perfect for monitoring teen or risky drivers.

Route History

Route History

Gain access to a history of everywhere your vehicle has traveled to in the last 90 days.

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