Mini GPS Car Tracker

Model NO: OT10

GPS Tracking Solution- A smarter way to keep track on vehicle

We at Eelinktech possess expertise in providing a wide range of vehicle and tracking management services through our exhaustive range of mini GPS tracker devices. Our devices are designed to provide an exceptional solution to help streamline and provide robust yet user-friendly fleet management services. We provide a wide range and variety of devices through our e-store. We specialize in engineering high quality products that are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. We provide solution to all kinds of GPS and vehicle tracking needs, standard and innovative products both are our forte. We have a wide classification of products like hardware installation, software solutions, GPS trackers for car, GPS tracker OEM for personal vehicle tracking, Fleet management etc.

  •   Connect the OBD interface to work
  •   Car rental realtime tracking
  •   Data transmission: GPRS/SMS
  •   Universal in the world

Below are the few salient benefits of using our GPS trackers:

  •   Security of vehicle from theft
  •   Alerts and alarms in case of vehicle misuse or mishaps
  •   Keeping tabs on the effective usage of business resources
  •   Supports vehicle positioning and tracking.
  •   Round the clock availability and reliability through usage of mobile technology
  •   Easy online tracking and through mobile phones and any internet connected device

We have developed high tech products that have raised the standard of local and international markets. Our varied range of products help you keep your vehicle safe and secure even when you are not around. Devices like mini GPS Car Tracker help to locate the vehicle while working remotely. Keeping track on mileage helps to save cost and improve the productive level. Our well designed and feature equipped, Mini GPS Tracker device helps to manage truck fleets, personal car fleet and bus fleet. Our devices come in handy and are extremely beneficial in keeping track of transportation of heavy goods.

GPS become an inexpensive and cost effective device that does so much more than just vehicle tracking, rather allow you to perform fleet management. Its compact size and high portability makes it unique and allows a wide degree of applications. Our expert team is devoted to provide you extensive support and services in its installation and maintenance.

Our devices and services allow you total control over your vehicle safety and will satisfy all your tracking needs, no matter what your requirements.

Our latest technology and various application programs provide effective help in operation and management of tracking devices. Our Mini GPS Tracker, though small in size, provides effective solutions and reliable services in order to manage entire fleet business. The best part of our services is that they are both scalable and efficient. They are designed to manage and monitor everything from a single private vehicle to an entire fleet of commercial vehicles. Using round the clock connectivity through Internet, GPRS and GPS our services provide real-time access to information. Our mini GPS system is proffered with services that give it effective monitoring and control over vehicle. Provision of double antennas GPS and SOS alarm servicing along with built in GPS Services helps to keep a constant tab on vehicle whereabouts.

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