Know the whereabouts of your luggage at all times and travel with confidence with the GPT15 Luggage Tracker brought to you by Eelink. Optimized for travel reliability, cost, and carrying convenience, the GPT15 Luggage Tracker keeps your luggage in view using the Keelin App’s map in real-time. Simply place the GP15 inside your suitcase to ensure your belongings are right where you want them and never lose a suitcase again!

The GPT15 Luggage Tracker is a self-contained GPS luggage tracker specifically engineered to make traveling a whole lot easier. Track your suitcases, bags or other belongings large or small with a compact device designed for peace of mind. Complete with GPS satellite location integration as well as Wi-Fi location, Bluetooth, and radio tracking this device secures the location of your valued belongings at every point in your trip! The luggage tracker features a quad band GSM/GPRS cellular radio connection that reports the location of the GPT15 Luggage Tracker in real-time. With so many built-in ways to track your bags, you’ll never have to worry about a bad signal again!
Four Built-In Ways to Track

As any savvy traveler knows, one backup plan is never enough. That’s why the GPT15 Luggage Tracker features GPS patch, GSM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi location antennae to hone-in on your luggage regardless of signal strength. Between these four highly effective locator methods, data reporting of your items can be server-initiated or initiated by the tracker itself. Use GSM/GPRS, SMS, UDP pathways or a physical USB connection to stay in the loop with this suitcase tracker as you fly, ride, or cruise to your next destination.

Tracking Done 4 Ways
 GPS Based Locating
 Wi-Fi indoor/outdoor locating
 LBS Locating
 Bluetooth 4.0 distance monitoring

The GPT15 Luggage Tracker’s chip-level design works by using its own superior internal operating systems as opposed to using a third-party communication module. This results in much more reliable lost luggage tracking using less power for a faster report on your personal or business cargo. With direct operating system access by the application, the GPT15 Luggage Tracker saves you power and reduces your cost yielding even better results than common module/processor-based designs.
Over The Air (OTA) application firmware updates are supported through at TFTP connection to a server. The entire application image can be updated using one specialized SMS or USB command.

Product Features
The GPT15 Luggage Tracker functions like a GSM modem and responds to AT commands issued from either a physical USB port connection or SMS or UDP connection. When using SMS text messages, GPT15 “reads” all of its own text messages in order to interpret each message as an AT command. To use this feature, simply send an SMS text to your GPT15 device through any CSD SMS connection.
In addition to the SMS feature, the GPT15 Luggage Tracker does more to keep your belongings out of the unclaimed baggage center.

GPT luggage tracker Product-feature

Main Platform/App Features
Tracking (Emergency Mode). The GPT15 Luggage Tracker houses four built-in ways for ultra-reliable tracking done right from the device. Real-time location information is sent right to your smartphone’s app so you can travel with confidence.
Route Play Back (Emergency Mode). Get the full-picture of your luggage’s own travel history with route play back found in emergency mode. With route play back, you can track everywhere your items have been throughout your entire journey. Get alerts to see if ever your belongings made it somewhere you didn’t authorize.
Remote Setting. Set up settings remotely from your smartphone while you travel for work or business. At Eelink Technologies, we make it easy to travel worry-free.
Geo-fence Alarm. Get instant updates the second your GPT15 Luggage Tracker travels outside of your predesignated “safe zone.” Simply set up a virtual perimeter from within the app and receive alerts if ever your baggage leaves your authorized area. Tracking bags has never been easier!
Low Battery Alarm. While the GPT15 Luggage Tracker has been optimized to preserve battery, the occasional charge is necessary. Receive timely notifications when your luggage tracker is low on power to ensure you can keep tracking without interruption.

Additional Features Include:
1. Specialized GPS functions—Includes GPS data reporting, GPS status reporting, GPS power control as well as setup and monitoring of geographic fences
2. Automatic Field Lockup Recovery—Features a dedicated hardware watchdog with power and reset cycle. Also houses a GSM Circuit Switched Data (SMS) code maintenance
3. Hardware Reset—Restore factory defaults and instantiate code download using OTA
4. Device Initiated UDP reporting—Set up recurring scheduled events and monitor your battery as well as receive a report record queue. You can also set up a user-defined IP address and geographic fence violation to make traveling even easier!
The GPT15 Luggage Tracker also includes:
5. Virtual AT command processing over SMS or UDP connection
6. APN support with optional credential verification
7. OTA code update using TFTP
8. Embedded Bluetooth 4.0: Short distance monitoring for luggage.
9. Embedded WIFI function: Indoor locating to save on battery consumption.
10. Light sensor to notify you when GPT15 has been taken from your luggage (Dark environment)


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