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Each department :
Qingming rain have recently rainy remind everyone Qingming hours and up to one year . According to the relevant regulations and company related provisions of the 2014 holiday arrangements , combined with the actual situation , the decision by leading research firm , now the company Qingming arrangements notified as follows:
First, holiday notification arrangements :
Company holiday hours are: April 5,6,7 days , a total of three days ; Festival holiday week in accordance with the normal size , or 4月12日 to work properly.
Two . Other Matters
1 Recently, various departments to arrange work to ensure that work is completed on time before the holiday ;
2 . Various departments to conduct a comprehensive safety before the holiday self , to eliminate all security risks. Including unused equipment should be cut off ; ensure safe use ; keep important items , pay attention to the fire alarm .
3 During the festival, we should pay attention to safety .
I wish all the staff :
Living a happy and healthy !
Corporate Office
April 2, 2014


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