GPS and Temperature monitoring for Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

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Without real-time access to data about your cargo, how will you know that your goods will arrive safely? How do you ensure your dairy products are not spoiled and your high-valued goods are handled gently? The TPT02 gives you instant access to valuable information about the contents you are moving as they travel through your supply chain.


Temperature, location, tampering, and humidity are just a few of several things that the TPT02 detects, giving you insight into how your shipment is handled. For perishable goods, temperature is key to not losing out on thousands of dollars worth of product. For valuable items, a light sensor and shock detector will reveal if your items were tampered with or treated carelessly.


With instant access to the data about your shipments, your supply chain is back in your hands. You have the ability to ensure that all of your shipments arrive on-time and safely. The TPT02 is easy to use. First, install the device with simple slap and track installation, no tools, drilling, or complicated instructions to follow. Then, download the app on your phone and get started. With this data, you will have the information you need to make important decisions about your supply chain.


Cut expenses from waste and damages with data that drives your efficiency and revenue. Invest in the future and security of your supply chain with the TPT02 monitoring system — the insight you need to succeed.

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