Trouble Shooting

Cannot Connect to the position server

The terminal is never online on the position server when installed at the first time. Please check the terminal:

1)If the power cables are wired correctly? Pay attention to not connect them to the controlling cables of the vehicle.
2)If the SIM card is installed correctly? Please refer to the installation instructions.
3)Check the status of the LED indicators. If the terminal is OK, the red LED and the blue LED will intermittently flick.
4)Inquiry the parameters of terminal via commands and check the accuracy of the parameters.

Show offline status on the position server

First check if the LED indicators are OK, if cannot check them, you can check the SIM card following next steps:
1)call the SIM card of the terminal and check if you can hear the connect ring.
2)Check if the vehicle is in the area where there is no GSM signal.
3)Check if one terminal or all terminals are offline in the area where terminal is offline. If all terminals are offline, you should ask the network operator. If the network is OK.
4)Check if the SIM card has enough balance.
5)If the terminal becomes offline on the last day of one month, please check if GPRS is close.
6)Inquiry the parameters of terminal via commands and check the accuracy of the parameters.

Cannot position for a long time

If the GPS is active, but the terminal cannot be positioned for long time, please check the terminal:
1)If the vehicle is in the place where there is no GPS signal.
2)The upside of the terminal should be installed with face toward the sky.
3)The GSM and GPS signal may be weakened if the terminal is installed in the place with electromagnetic wave absorption material(such as metal blocks), special attention should be paid if there is metal thermal insulation layer or heating layer on the front windshield, so that the position accuracy will decline, and the severe ones will not be positioned.

Position drift is serious

Serious position drift will be found in places where GPS signal is poor. Please drive the vehicle to the open places.
5. Instructions receiving abnormally
1)Check the instructions format.
2)Check if the vehicle is in the places where there is GSM signal.
3)Check if the SIM card is properly installed.

Warranty Rules

Special Statement

1)Technology change, without notice.

2) If the color and appearance are inconsistent with those for the actual product, the latter will prevail.

3)Warranty card is only valid for the terminals with the following IMEI.

4)Please take care of the warranty card and show it with the original purchase receipts when enjoying the warranty service.

Warranty Period

Since the date of purchase, passive waste host has one year warranty.

After Sales

Any of the following circumstances not covered by the warranty, but may be appropriate to pay repair:

1)More than the warranty period.

2)Unauthorized removal or repair damaged.

3)Damage caused by improper installation, use, maintenance, custody.

4)The IMEI label is torn or Obscure.

5)Warranty certificate and product models do not match or warranty certificate be altered.

6)Damage caused by force majeure.

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