Eelink release a new temperature GPS

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Are you in some sophisticated business where you have to be very careful about things like quality and speed?
Are you one of those guys who brings fresh food to supermarkets in order for people to eat fresh and healthy?


That’s great! First of all, thank you for doing such a great job. We know sometimes is so hard to keep things under control when having such a business, but thanks to this brand new product you can stop worrying. It doesn’t matter how long the road will be and it doesn’t matter what you have to transport, you will feel safe and calm with this new temperature monitoring system available now.


The PT02 Monitoring system is your new best friend and your next trusted business partner. We all need a trusted partner and why not start having one now? As fresh fruits, meat or vegetables transporter, you need to focus on the quality of the transportation. Now, we know you have the best trucks and the best drivers, but at the same time, we know that you can’t trust anybody more than you trust yourself. So, have you ever wondered how would it be like if you would have the full control of the transport even if you are not there? That is exactly what the PT02 monitoring system offers you, full control of your business.


In the world of perishable products transport, control is the main reason why a business is successful and another is not. This friendly GPS is easy to use and to install and it will send you live notifications about how things are developing with your transport.


If you want a better insight about this product, you have to understand that this is a GPS based temperature monitoring which will help you monitor the temperature inside your truck and also see where the truck is at a certain moment. This is a must-have product for all the business owners in the transport field. The Gps is easy to install and it does not harm your freezing system. The GPS helps you on monitoring the temperature inside the container and it sends notifications when the temperature rises or decrees under or above the normal temperature.

As we told you before, this is the next best friend and the best business partner you will have because it will help you keep track of the merchandise and see if everything is going great. Quality is what matters the most in this kind of business, so act smart and be on top.

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