Top 3 issues related to fleet management

Commercial fleet owners face many kinds of problem each day. When you are having lots of vehicles running across different areas and are accountable for a number of drivers, you might have to face a set of challenges related to fleet management. Here are the major three issues that comes with managing commercial fleets, Safety […]

Popular Misconceptions about GPS Tracking Debunked

Though GPS is widely accepted across the world, there are still those who consider it as a waste of money. This is because of the predominant myths surrounding GPS tracking devices. Here are some of the most popular misconceptions that make people reluctant to invest in GPS tracking systems, It is not meant for small […]

Commercial applications of GPS

GPS tracking system was first introduced for military uses. But over time, the efficiency of the GPS tracking devices and their wide availability has made them the most preferred option for a wide range of personal and commercial applications. The major applications of GPS in commercial sector are given here, Fleet tracking If there is […]

How to introduce GPS fleet tracking to your employees?

If your business depends on a fleet of vehicles, it is very crucial to know about their whereabouts and activities at any time. With the right GPS tracking device, you can now watch over your vehicles effortlessly and ensure the success of your business by keeping them safe and effective. Once, you have decided to […]

GPS and Temperature monitoring for Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Without real-time access to data about your cargo, how will you know that your goods will arrive safely? How do you ensure your dairy products are not spoiled and your high-valued goods are handled gently? The TPT02 gives you instant access to valuable information about the contents you are moving as they travel through your […]

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